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The purpose of the Walter Gerlach Show Program is to provide businesses and individuals the opportunity to provide support and recognition to students participating in the Walter Gerlach Livestock Show.

The Gerlach Show Program is provided in the concession stand free of charge to anyone attending events at the Gerlach barns during the week of the Walter Gerlach Stock Show. All buyers receive a program in their buyer packet on the day of the auction.

The proceeds raised from selling advertisements for the Show Program goes directly to students in the auction. The Former Students Group uses money raised from Program Ad sales for students in need of assistance at the show auction. In this way, we ensure that each student receives a financial amount appropriate for the type of animal being auctioned. During the auction, our committee is identified as “OC Former Students”. Thank you so much for placing an advertisement or student recognition page in our program.

The OC Former Students also serves as Historian for the Walter Gerlach Livestock Show. Through the show program, we keep public record of important events that have happened over the past 48 years. If you have questions about placing an ad or if you wish to become a member of our committee, please contact me. Our group is always in need of people with fresh business contacts in the Helotes and surrounding community or have graphic design or advertising experience and are willing to share their expertise.

The Former Students of O’Connor FFA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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